Republican Women

"....the heart  and  soul of the Republican Party."  ....Ronald Reagan


Republican Women

"....the heart  and  soul of the Republican Party."  ....Ronald Reagan


     Richland Country Club will be closed for renovation in January, February and March.  Arrangements have been made with Hillwood Country Club to host our meetings in February and March.

     Unfortunately, Hillwood is also closed in January, therefore, our regular Membership Luncheon has been canceled.

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Voting Membership.  Dues are $30 per year (January-December).

Associate Membership - Dues for Associate Members are $25 per year.  Associates are afforded all privileges as Voting members except they cannot vote on issues brought before the membership.  Women must be a voting member of another Tennessee Federation of Republican Women’s Club in order to be considered for Associate Membership.  Men who are interested in our organization may join as Associate Members.

Dues may be paid on-line by clicking here.

To pay by check, make payable to NRW and mail to:

NRW Treasurer

P.O. Box 58882

Nashville, TN 37205

Nashville Republican Women, P.O. Box 58882, Nashville TN 37205

Thank You , Thank You

     We sincerely appreciate everyone who helped or participated in our Annual Toy Drive for the Children of Tennessee Soldiers.  It is always a fun event when we present the toys to the Tennessee National Guard Youth Program.  Here is a letter that we received a few days ago that reflects the importance of the great work that NRW does each year in support of our Tennessee soldiers!

To:        NRW

From:    Family Assistance Specialist, Millington


I am so grateful words cannot express my gratitude for the love you have shown all the names I have submitted.  I can say all those who have come to pick up their toys are happy to know someone care.  It made my heart full of joy just to see the smiles on their faces.  Especially the guys who were coming just made me proud that they did not allow pride to get in the way.  Sometimes we all just need help.  Thank God for this opportunity He allowed you and your staff to provide this opportunity.  Again we are grateful.  May God bless you and your staff a hundred fold blessing.

Thanks.  Respectfully,

Family Assistance Specialist

For other pictures taken at the event, click here.